Why 8 independent senators blanked AG

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Attorney General Faris Al Rawi did not follow protocol in inviting independent senators to a meeting on the controversial Strategic Services Agency (Amendment) Bill.

The protocol is that communication to the nine senators should be directed to their coordinator.

The coordinator is the longest-serving independent senator, who is Dr. Dhanayashar Mahabir.

Al Rawi sent individual correspondence to all nine independent members.

The senators were displeased over this, and, as a result, eight decided not to attend the Monday session with the Attorney General and his advisors.

Independent senators also noted that the debate had begun since last week in the Upper House and that several members had previously contributed.

TTWhistleblower reported last week that there was a real chance that the government would secure the support of at least one independent senator.

Debate resumed Tuesday, with government and opposition members adopting their expected adversarial positions.

Independent senators raised various concerns, such whether the legislation could lead to an intrusive SSA.

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