8 homes destroyed, 25 evacuated …”A DISASTER WAITING TO HAPPEN”

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It was a disaster waiting to happen!

Eight homes were destroyed and 25 persons evacuated following massive coastal erosion at Bamboo Village Extension Road, Cedros, on Monday afternoon.

Cedros Councillor, Shankar Teelucksingh, said he saw the houses being swallowed by the sea while residents scrambled to save their possessions. He said residents contacted him at about 2.30 pm when they felt their homes shaking.

He added, “We saw cracks on the houses and on the road and I advised them to pack up their belongings. Two hours later, half of the house started slipping away before our eyes.”

Two families were evacuated to the Cedros Community Centre, while others sought shelter at the homes of friends and family.

Residents said the disaster agencies responded very late on Monday night.

Teelucksingh said the problem started showing up days ago when residents noticed cracks. Despite calls to the relevant State agencies, nothing was done.

He said under the PP Government, a plan was put in place to correct the coastal erosion problem. But when the PNM Government came into office in 2015, that plan was shelved, Teelucksingh added.

He has called on MP for the area, Edmund Dillon, to put politics aside and visit the affected area on Tuesday. He also called on Local Government Minister, Kazim Hosein, to conduct a tour of the Cedros area.

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