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ONE man is suffering from injuries to his neck, two others are listed in serious condition, and three others suffered minor injuries after they were all thrown overboard after a pleasure boat in which they were passengers collided with another vessel on Monday evening.

The Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard confirmed the incident had taken place at Turtle Bay, Monos Island.

Public Affairs Officer with the Coast Guard, Lt Sherron Manswell, said that around 5 p.m. on Monday they received a report indicating an accident had taken place in which the vessel Daniry, a Proline sport boat, crashed into cabin cruiser, Hopscotch, a 46ft Hatteras which was anchored in the bay, and that several people were thrown overboard.

They were rescued by the Hopscotch crew, one of whom was injured in the incident, although the bow and interior were extensively damaged, and taken aboard their boat.

Hopscotch crewman Peter Anthony De Silva said they saw the other boat approaching at speed and, realizing that a collision was inevitable, they braced for impact.

Two of the crew on board Hopscotch were in the bow cabin minutes before Daniry hit their boat.

Manswell said the Coast Guard responded, but by the time CG personnel arrived at Turtle Bay, two other boats moored nearby had already taken the badly-injured people to Coast Guard headquarters at Staubles Bay, before they were transferred to hospital.

The injured were transported to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital in two Coast Guard ambulances under escort from a police vehicle.

Manswell said he was not provided with the names of those rescued or the extent of the injuries suffered.

The other three were treated and discharged, but like the Coast Guard, the police could not provide the names of the passengers.

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