$5.5 million robbery at Piarco …”RETIRED COP DETAINED”

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A retired police officer has been detained for questioning in connection with the $5.5 million robbery at Piarco International Airport last Wednesday.

The suspect, now a businessman from Central, was picked up on Saturday afternoon and remains in custody at the Aouca Police Station.

His arrest following the detention of two persons at a house in Londgenville last week and the seizure of $250,000 in $50 bills.

After the robbery, several persons were detained, including two security guards stationed at Piarco Airport.

Around 11 am last Wednesday, while the money was being loaded onto a carriage for transfer to a Caribbean Airlines plane for Tobago, four masked men in camouflage wear and carrying sophisticated weapons, pounced on the loaders and took the money.

The robbery was carried out in a flash and the Hilux with the masked men disappeared. One hour later, the Hilux was found abandoned at Oropune Gardens, Piarco.

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