4th suspect held for kidnapping …”CONTRACTOR – THE MAIN MAN”

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A contractor from South Trinidad has emerged as the man behind the kidnapping of housewife, Natalie Pollonais.

As investigations continue into the kidnapping, police sources revealed that the contractor, working in tandem with crooked police officers, snatched Pollonais knowing that her family was loaded and could pay a ransom.

On Wednesday, investigators picked  up a fourth suspect after he surrendered. Two police officers and a civilian are already in custody. Sources say more suspects are wanted for last Thursday’s kidnapping.

Pol­lon­ais, 49, of Palmiste, is the wife of Ja­son Pol­lon­ais, a di­rec­tor of the South Oropouche-based In­land and Off­shore Con­trac­tors Ltd (IO­CL)

Last Thurs­day, she dis­ap­peared af­ter vis­it­ing the Cen­tral Ath­let­ic Club gym at C3 Cen­tre, San Fer­nan­do.

CCTV footage showed she left in her BMW 5308 hy­brid sedan around 11.30 am. Her hus­band re­port­ed her miss­ing when she did not re­turn home.

On Thurs­day night, San Fer­nan­do CID and South­ern Di­vi­sion Task Force found her car aban­doned in the park­ing lot of an apart­ment build­ing at Cy­press Hills, Union Hall.

Her kid­nap­pers con­tact­ed her fam­i­ly and de­mand­ed a US$300,000 ran­som for her re­turn. The kid­nap­pers al­lowed her to speak to her hus­band as proof she was alive. How­ev­er, they hung up when the is­sue of the cur­ren­cy of the ran­som arose.

On Mon­day night, police con­duct­ed sur­veil­lance on a white Nis­san AD Wag­on that went to a ho­tel in St Helena. The wag­on left but was in­ter­cept­ed sev­er­al min­utes lat­er along the Churchill Roo­sevelt High­way, El Socorro, near the Courts Mega­s­tore and Pol­lon­ais was res­cued. The dri­ver of the car was de­tained and two po­lice of­fi­cers from the South­ern Di­vi­sion were de­tained soon af­ter.

CCTV footage ob­tained from C3 Cen­tre had al­so shown two men wear­ing tac­ti­cal po­lice uni­forms en­ter­ing a white Nis­san AD Wag­on re­sem­bling the one she was res­cued from.

In­ves­ti­ga­tions are con­tin­u­ing.

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