45 gang members marked for death …”EXPECT BLOODSHED”

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Police are investigating a report that a list was circulated showing the faces and names of 45 persons for execution.

How authentic this list is, is a matter of urgency for the police service.

If this report is true, then we can expect bloodshed of the widest proportion, which could also claim innocent lives as what happened last Friday night in Laventiille when three persons were killed.

The names of the 45 persons are supposed to be members of the Rasta City Gang who are in war with the Muslim Gang, with an extension being the Unruly Isis Gang.

If the report is true, then we can expect an upsurge in murders after Ramadan, which ends with Eid celebrations this Friday.

Police sources say they are taking this very seriously as persons on that list are known to them, and whom police have been searching in connection with crime and murders.

The list contains the photos, names, aliases, last known addresses and rank/duties of the 45 Rasta City gang members.

Police have stepped up patrols and surveillance has been increased in specific areas of Sea Lots, Laventille, Beetham, and Morvant. But it is not only the police who are conducting surveillance work.

Rasta City Gang operatives have evicted people from their homes in Laventille in order to use the houses as lookout points to see who enters and who leaves the community. All of this as the gang members prepare for the arrival of the Unruly Isis Gang.

A family of three are now afraid to return home after they were woken from their beds on Tuesday morning and kicked out by three masked gunmen. The family, who lives in Beverly Hills, Laventille, awoke to the sound of a loud crash in the living room.

A woman saw two gunmen with bandanas over their faces entering the bedroom.

She was pulled from her bed along with her two small children at around 2 am.

The gunmen told them to pack their things before they were forced out of the house.

The woman notified a neighbour who called the police.

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