42 Cold Cases can be solved …IS AKIEL CHAMBERS ONE OF THEM?

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With the increase in murders and the decrease in detection, acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams made an important announcement at a media conference on Wednesday.

He said there were 42 Cold Cases, which he feels can be solved.

Is the brutal murder of 11-year-old Akiel Chambers in 1998, one of these Cold Cases, Mr. Commissioner?

Akiel was smothered to death on May 23, 1998, when he went to a birthday party at the home of Charles and Annelore James at Balata Trace, Haleland Park, Maraval. An autopsy also revealed he was sexually assaulted and his body thrown in a pool more than 12 hours after he was reported missing. More than that, all the DNA evidence, a red bathing trunk, and other items have been destroyed because of the age of the case. In other words, there is no DNA evidence in this case.

Apart from the man who killed Akiel, there is one person who knows about the matter. That person may have assisted in hiding Akiel’s body in a bedroom of that house. That person may have assisted the killer in throwing Akiel’s body in the pool 12 hours after he went missing. That person should be the prosecution’s main witness. That person can be described as an accomplice after the fact.

It is almost 19 years since Akiel was killed, and according to the Homicide Bureau, that case is closed. Yet that same Bureau has established a Cold Case Unit to deal with old murder cases. So what happened to Akiel’s case? Is that not an important case for his family, to know who did that gruesome act, and to bring closure?

Akiel went to Haleland Park to attend a birthday party for Carrie James, his classmate. What happened next was bizarre.

Days before the incident, Charles James turned down a request from his daughter to hold a pool party at Haleland Park. On the day of the incident, James left for races at Santa Rosa Park, unaware that the pool party was still organized.

James returned home later that day and went to sleep. He awoke early next morning and left around 6 am for Santa Rosa, unaware of the events at his home.

Two hours later, Akiel’s body was found in the pool, although several searches were conducted before.

If Williams is serious, let your officers go talk to a woman and get the facts. Once you get those facts, go pick up the suspect, who walks around Port-of-Spain, and who frequents a certain pan yard during Carnival. You will find him there!

The family of Akiel Chambers needs closure, Mr. Commissioner.

At least the family of Shannon Banfield got. We are hoping that the family of Rachel Ramkissoon, who was killed last Friday, will get justice.

On the issue of the Ramkissoon murder, Williams said the police have made progress in solving this case in the shortest. time, having allocated “extensive resources”. Admitting last year had the most murders in six years, he said he aims for this year to be the lowest in 13 years. He said this year the police have solved six murders, two committed this year and four from past years.

Williams said most murders last year were in the Northern. Division (124) and the Central Division (79), with the leadership in both areas, changed and the former now under his direct control.

The Commissioner added, “I want to give the nation the. assurance that 2017 will be a far better year for us.”. He said the TTPS was using all resources including full-time and reserve officers to provide safety and security in all communities.

– Antonio Maharaj of Marabella, charged on January 7 with the murder of Marlon Davis which occurred on October 25, 2015 – Maurisa Mc Clean of New Grant, charged on January 5 with the murder of Janice Figaro which occurred on November 24, 2016.

– Anil ‘One Foot’ Mayers of La Horquetta, charged on January 9, for the murder of Salim Gonzales which occurred on October 31, 2016.

– Elijah ‘Bry’ Roach, charged on January 16, for the murder of Kamal Charles which occurred on September 4, 2016.

– Hashim Neptune, charged on January 12, for the murder of Simeon Selvon which occurred on January 3, 2017.

– Lauren Charles, charged on January 16, for the murder of Learie Wendell Timothy which occurred on January 12, 2017.

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