4 more murders recorded …”WOMAN KILLED IN FRONT HUBBY”

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A man remains traumatized after witnessing the murder of his common-law wife on Wednesday morning.

Alicia Mohammed, 47, was shot dead at her Charlieville home by masked gunmen.

Mohammed, of John Peter East, had made several reports of threats on her life by people she knew in the area. Mohammed was recently blamed for a police raid at a house in the area, where officers seized an undisclosed amount of cocaine. Mohammed worked as a cleaner at the Congress of the People’s (COP) Operations Centre in Charlieville.

Mohammed’s common-law husband, Ishwar Mangalee, said they were asleep when they were awakened by a loud noise around 1 am. He said their hands were tied behind their backs and they were placed on their stomachs opposite each other on the bed.

Mangalee added, “One of them had a gun and he kept shouting at us for money. My wife told him we had none but they kept insisting. They began to ransack the place and turn everything upside down.

“They then asked Alicia for money again and she told them that she only had $62, to take it and go but they didn’t. That was when one of them called out to the other ‘Killer, buss the cap’. Then I heard a gunshot and the men ran out.”

Mangalee said he managed to untie himself and ran out the house to a nearby neighbour for help.

Asked why would anyone want Mohammed dead, he said: “I don’t know, but all I know is that she was constantly accused for being an informant.”

Mohammed was the 46th woman to be killed for 2017.


Transgender activist, Keon Alister Patterson, 28, also known as Sasha Fierce and Adianka Safani Mancini, was killed in St Clair on Tuesday night. Patterson,  who identified himself as a woman, had copped the second runner up title in the annual Queen of Queens Pageant in October.

According to a police report, at about 11 pm, Patterson was standing near Nelson Mandela Park when he was approached by two men pretending to be clients. Police said they believe after a brief confrontation Patterson was shot and left on the roadside.

Police said two suspects are in custody.

A man identified as Ganesh Samaroo, 37, was chopped to death at about 8 pm on Tuesday by his brother during an argument at his Perseverance Road, Couva home.

Then about 6.30 pm, the body of Bisraj Ramsaran was found near a river at Bridal Road in Cunupia. Police said his body bore chop wounds.

Investigations are continuing into all murders. The murder toll stands at 466.
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Ishwar Mangalee
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