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Sea Lots, a depressed community outside of Port-of-Spain, has been the scene of many gun battles. While ordinary citizens would like to go about their daily lives in peace, there are several persons who make life difficult for the community.

On many occasions, the people of Sea Lots have had to bury their dead. There has always been sadness in the area. But on Friday evening, a killing has brought joy to the community.

A resident, Ronnie “Mad Dog” Hogan, a notorious gangster, who had been terrorizing people in Sea Lots, was shot dead by a lone gunman. There have been many attempts on the life of Hogan. His rivals never stopped.

Hogan, 25, was shot on May 26 at Sea Lots and survived.

On Friday, police said that at about 6.30 pm, officers of Port-of-Spain Division led by Sgt Lopez were on mobile patrol, when they responded to a reports of shots fired at Production Drive. On arrival, they found the bullet-riddled body of Ronnie Hogan on the ground. He had been shot six times from close range.

A woman, Mabel Edwards, 65, was also found bleeding from gunshot wounds. She was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where she was treated and later discharged. Police said that Hogan was out on bail on the charge of shooting Sgt Morris who was attacked while playing basketball in Sea Lots on May 26.

On Wednesday, Hogan was detained by Northern Division police with respect to ongoing investigations into murders and robberies, but later released.

Police said Hogan had received numerous death threats and during his time in custody they warned him about returning to Sea Lots.

On June 10, 2008, Hogan was one of three men freed by a Port-of-Spain Magistrate for trafficking drugs.

It was alleged that on September 6, 2006, David Mohammed, Marcus Gustave and Ronnie Hogan, all of Sea Lots, were spotted in an unmarked pirogue off the North Coast of Trinidad.

It was alleged that the men threw part of the boat’s contents overboard to prevent seizure by the Coast Guard. They were charged with drug trafficking, although no drugs were found.

Magistrate Andrew Stroud, after hearing the evidence, dismissed the case.

In another incident, a man was beaten to death during a bar brawl in Curepe on Friday. Lall Dwarika, 54, was pronounced dead at hospital.

Dwarika was liming near Curepe Junction when he got into a fight with another man. He sustained several blows to his head.

Dwarika was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex. Mount Hope, where he died while receiving treatment.

In anotherd incident, the body of a man was found in Santa Cruz.

At around 5 p.m. police responded to calls from residents of Mayfair gardens, Saddle Road. The body, in a semi-nude state, was discovered in the bushes.

A district medical officer examined the body and found marks of violence. The body is yet to be identified. It was removed for an autopsy on Monday at the Forensic Sciences Centre, Federation Park.

The murder toll stands at 422.

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