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Two brothers killed five years apart.

On May 18, 2012, Emmanuel Ali, 19, of Finch Drive, Diego Martin, was shot and killed at Stoer Drive, Petit Valley, in what police described as a drug deal gone sour. No one was ever arrested.

On Saturday afternoon, his brother David Ali, was shot and killed  at the River Estate basketball court, Diego Martin. According to reports, the gunman was dressed as a Muslim woman.

Eyewitnesses say the gunman walked up to David Ali and opened fire, killing him on the spot. The body was removed to the Forensic Sciences Center for an autopsy on Monday. No motive was given for this killing, but police feel this was drug-related.

Last Monday, Abraham Simpson, 20, was shot and killed in the same area. Were these two murders related?


Investigations are continuing into the murder of Andre “Beenie” Prince of Arima. Prince was shot dead on Saturday morning.

According to a police report, around 2.30 am, Prince was at an area in Arima known as the Congo when he was approached by a masked gunman who opened fire on him. Prince fell to the ground where he died. Police said they are yet to determine a motive for the killing.


A Morvant man was shot dead at his home on Saturday afternoon.

Police said Kevin Baptiste, 35, of Cipriani Avenue, Morvant, was at home with his brother when two gunshots rang out around 12.15 pm. Baptiste’s brother later found him dead in a storage room of the house. Residents reported that two men were seen fleeing the house following the shooting.

Baptiste, a Ministry of Works and Transport employee, is said to have had an altercation in the area, which may have led to the killing.

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