Three more murders …”INNOCENT” TEEN SHOT DEAD

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Kareem Forde was shot and killed by a man who mistook him for an informer.

Kareem, 16, was shot outside his home at John John, Laventille, on Friday afternoon, but died on Saturday morning.

Police are searching for the killer, who is a member of one of the rival gangs operating between Laventille and John John.

According to reports, sometime around 1 pm on Friday, Kareem was outside his house when he began shouting, “man coming, man coming!”

His mother, Carmelita Millington, said she felt the gunman thought Kareem was on a telephone call with someone telling the person that a gunman was coming towards him.

She added, “My son had on his headphones and was playing a game with his cousin and other friends online and he began shouting. When he looked up my son saw a gun pointed in his face. He thought the gunman came to rob him of his phone and handed it to him, but instead the gunman opened fire. My son tried to run but he was shot all over his chest, belly and foot, his right hand was broken too.”

Kareem was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, but died before 6 am on Saturday.

Kareem was a Form Four student at South East Port-of-Spain Secondary School and had plans of furthering his studies in Information Technology.

Millington described the crime situation in the country as overbearing.

She added, “School closed for two weeks and children cannot even come outside and play. Gunmen care about none and when the police kill them people want to come out and block the road and bawl police brutality, but gunmen do not even care about the innocent children.”

She said parents should be blamed for their children going astray and turning to a life of crime.

She stated, “Parents must start to pay more attention to their children and the friends who they keep because children tend to follow bad company. Check their school bags! Go often to the school to check up on them. I always checked up on Kareem and he never even would go to the parlour or be on the streets.”


Odel Philbert, also known as Foots, was shot dead while talking to his mother on the phone on Friday night. It was reported that at about 10 pm Philbert, of Farm Avenue, Perseverance Village, Couva, was standing outside his house when a car pulled up and its occupant opened fire on him. Philbert was hit several times and died on the scene. He was the father of a seven-year-old daughter. Police recovered 15 spent shells. A motive is yet to be determined for his killing.

In another incident, sometime around 1 am on Saturday, a passer-by stumbled upon the body of a man along the roadside on Connecter Road, Carlsen Field. Police were called to the scene. The district medical officer (DMO) pronounced the man dead and ordered its removal to the Forensic Science Center, Federation Park. Police said the man, who was of African descent had bled from a bullet wound to the head.

He had a tattoo with the word “life” on his lower right arm. Police also said the man who was 5’ 7” tall was wearing a white three-quarters pants, a white shirt and Jordan sneakers.

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