25 facts about Manning

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  1. In the 1971 general election, Patrick Manning was elected unopposed as Member of Parliament for San Fernando East. There was an electoral boycott by the major opposition party. Manning was aged 24.
  2. Manning was elected a total of 11 times as Member of Parliament for San Fernando East.
    3. Patrick Manning was 45 years old when he was elected Prime Minister although the honour of the youngest-ever Prime Minister belongs to his mentor Dr. Eric Williams, who was 44 at the time he became Trinidad and Tobago’s leader.
    4. Manning was one of only three PNM candidates who survived the 1986 general election washout at the hands of the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR).
    5. Manning rebuilt the PNM to score a clear victory over the NAR and UNC in 1991.
    6. During his tenure he fired a diplomat by fax and proclaimed himself Father of the Nation.
    7. He floated the national currency and introduced measures to stabilise the national economy during this term.
    8. An early election called in 1995, a year ahead of schedule, cost Manning and the PNM the national government.
    9. In 1997, he was challenged by Dr. Keith Rowley for leadership of PNM.
    10. Manning led the PNM to electoral defeat in 2000.
    11. He was controversially installed as Prime Minister in 2001 after an electoral deadlock.
    12. He was the only Prime Minister to lead the country without a functioning Parliament, which existed between December 2001 and October 2002.
    13. He led the PNM to election victory in 2002 and again in 2007.
    14. He fired Dr. Keith Rowley as a government minister during the latter electoral term.
    15. In 2009, he hosted both a Summit of the Americas conference and Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.
    16. By virtue of hosting the Commonwealth talks, he became chairman of that organisation.
    17. He remade the landscape of Port of Spain between 2007 and 2010 but was also embroiled in heated controversy over the works of builder Calder Hart and activities of a favoured church leader.
    18. A snap general election in 2010 led to Manning and the PNM crashing out of national office.
    19. After the electoral defeat, Manning resigned as leader of the PNM. He received a hostile response from PNM supporters at the party headquarters because of their anger over the election defeat.
    20. While in opposition, he was suspended from Parliament for allegations he made against then-Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
    21. He suffered a stroke in January 2012 and, as a result, was unable to attend sittings of the House of Representatives for long periods.
    22. When he retired from electoral politics in 2015, Manning had served for 39 straight years, a local record.
    23. He was the only Prime Minister to name his wife as a government minister.
    24. In 2014, he turned down the offer of the country’s highest national award.
    25. Manning is the third PNM Prime Minister to die. They all passed away at age 69.

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