October 6, 2020

The decision provoked anger and a threatened boycott from those who were angered by the suggestion of any moral equivalence between Eta’s atrocities and the Spanish state’s response – which included the use of paramilitary death squads.

Prosecutors concluded the shooting was justified “self-defense”, citing Saavedra’s claims that Rea “punched” him and was armed with a handgun. But in its report approving the killing, the district attorney’s office also noted that surveillance video did “not depict a struggle” and did not show Rea punching the officer. Rea also never pulled out a firearm, and the deputy was “unable to describe what the gun looked like”, prosecutors said.

“The white and blue delaine Thackeray dress would have been the right choice for such a meeting. Its high neck, long sleeves and mid-quality printed fabric point to pretty but unassuming morning attire.”

In a report released on Wednesday, S&P said total state, territory and commonwealth debt reached $1tn for the first time in April, as governments loaded up with cash in preparation for big-spending budgets due to be unveiled before the end of the year.

Brontë worshipped Thackeray’s work and dedicated Jane Eyre to him; he was highly flattered and was fascinated to learn that its author, the mysterious Currer Bell, was actually an unmarried woman from an obscure corner of Yorkshire.

Tottenham would have bitten anybody’s hand off back in August for the chance to qualify from a difficult group with a game to spare. Yet, if there has been the feeling of them punching above their weight in Europe’s elite competition, this was the opportunity for them to add the gloss finish. Redknapp might have shuffled his pack slightly with an eye on Chelsea’s visit but make no mistake, he was desperate for the result to ensure top spot and seeded status for the last 16 draw.

The game took on the feel of an end-to-end shoot-out, not for the first time in Tottenham’s season. Theo Janssen’s cross from the left was floated for a team-mate to attack and Rosales, the marauding right-back did just that, thumping his header past the diving Gomes.

Trouble flared in the stands between a handful of Tottenham fans, who bizarrely had been seated in among the home crowd, and their Twente counterparts but it was on the field where events took a turn for the worse for Redknapp’s men. Rosales unleashed a rocket from distance that hit Benoît Assou-Ekotto on the arm as he shielded his face inside the area. The penalty award felt harsh.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Patria’s success has overflowed the narrow confines of the literary world and seeped into much of Spanish society. Photograph: HBOBut it also explores Basque culture and society, and chronicles many of the huge changes in Spain over recent years, from the end of Eta to the advent of same-sex marriage.

“I did a lot of homework for my novel so that my characters, all of whom are made up, could find themselves in real scenarios and would act in a realistic way,” he said. “There isn’t a single sentence in my novel that isn’t mine.”

The incidents have reinvigorated demands for systemic reforms, with activists and victims’ families calling for the defunding and dismantling of the department. Fueling their anger is a widening scandal surrounding alleged gang members and white supremacists within LASD’s own ranks; the rehiring of deputies accused of misconduct; “Trumpian” outbursts by the top sheriff; an exploding Covid-19 crisis in LASD jails; and allegations that deputies are intimidating victims’ families when they speak out.

He was a mere mortal who ate too many potatoes, and she was a plain little woman with no social graces, but 165 years after a mutually disappointing encounter between William Makepeace Thackeray and Charlotte Brontë, she has at least been cleared of the mortifying gaffe of wearing a completely unsuitable dress to a grand London dinner party.

S&P said all states and territories, with the possible exception of Western Australia, were likely to report monster budget deficits as spending needed to combat the coronavirus crisis piled on top of already substantial infrastructure commitments.

Houghton, who publishes her research in the journal Costume, says that Brontë would have been careful about what she wore to the dinner, having already got it wrong by wearing a plain day dress on another very public occasion two years earlier.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Paul Rea’s sister Jaylene Rea puts up a sign naming the deputy who killed her brother. Photograph: Damon Casarez/The Guardian‘Gangs’ of deputiesThe brutality extends beyond killings. Residents have long complained of day-to-day racist harassment, including arbitrary stops and searches, unjustified interrogations and hostile patrolling.

* Sebastian Faulks’s Where My Heart Used to Beat is published by Vintage.
I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen
Chosen by Jenny Colgan
I first came across Je Veux Mon Chapeau by Jon Klassen while living in France, and assumed it was French. Its graphic style and dark undertow seemed far more European than most anglophone books. It is Canadian, though, and for my money the funniest book ever written, and here is why: it is always funny, every single time you read it. And if you know any children at all, you will be reading it a lot.
It is funny in whatever language you read it (22 and nuevo teclado tfue counting) and to almost every child in the world. And like many parents and carers, I suspect, I hoard my children’s laughter like miser’s gold: one day, when I am old and drowsy, I want the memory of it ringing out to be all I hear.