2 women arrested in India …”COCAINE CAME FROM TRINIDAD”

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The Mumbai unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested a woman, 46, along with her daughter, 25, for smuggling cocaine worth US $220,000. The drugs were sent by courier from Trinidad and Tobago, said an NCB officer.

They arrested the woman while she was receiving the parcel – which contained 360 grams of cocaine – at Nagpur. “The drug was concealed inside eyes shadow palette boxes,” said a senior NCB officer.

The NCB had received information about the drugs being smuggled to Goa. They laid a trap and arrested her daughter from Goa on the same day.

“The drugs were destined to reach Goa, but it was sent to Nagpur to avoid any suspicion. We are investigating if it was to go any further,” said the officer.

Sources said the drugs were sent through a government-operated postal system of the country. The agency suspects that the accused may have been in touch with someone in Trinidad and Tobago.

“The volume of international cargo is huge. The eyeshdow boxes were placed in a way to camouflage the boxes containing drugs,” he said.

The agency is investigating the international link and if more local persons are involved.

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