2 shot outside Barataria gas station …”PUNDIT KILLED”

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A pundit was shot and killed during a robbery and his home on Saturday night.

According to reports, Pundit Sunil Ragbirsingh was accosted by bandits shortly before midnight at his Five Rivers, Arouca home.

During the confrontation, Ragbirsingh was shot several times. He died at the scene. The police were summoned, but by the time they arrived, the bandits had gone.

Police were unable to say if anything or if any money was stolen from the house. An autopsy will be performed on Monday.

Meanwhile, around 11 p.m. on Saturday, an unidentified man was gunned down at the corner of Eastern Main Road and Mt D’or Road, Champs Fleurs.

Remaining with Saturday, around 7 p.m, two men were ambushed while filling gas in their car at a gas station near the Maritime roundabout, Barataria.

Collin Henry and Aaron Warner, of Coconut Drive, Morvant, were shot multiple times and are in critical condition at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mount Hope.

According to reports, the two men were shot by occupants of a passing car. This caused patrons and other persons to scamper or duty.

Staying with Saturday, a 16-year-old boy succumbs to injuries following a shooting incident in the Mango Rose area, East Port-of-Spain.

According to reports around 1:45 pm on Saturday, reports of gunshots believed to be indiscriminate ended with Jabari Phillip being hit.

Phillip was rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he died.

The murder toll now stands at 437.
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Pundit Sunil Ragbirsingh

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