2 cops held with guns, ganja in police car …”HOW WIDESPREAD IS THIS?”

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The arrest of two policemen transporting guns and marijuana in a police vehicle has now opened up a major inquiry.

The top brass of the Police Service, embarrassed by this incident, has now gone out to find out how widespread this is among the men and women in the police service.

Many years ago, this matter was of great concern when it was alleged that police officers in South were transporting cocaine in police vehicles for executed drug lord, Dole Chadee.

While it remained an allegation, it became a fact that certain police officers were on the payroll of Chadee and his cronies.

On Tuesday, this matter came to light again when two Port-of-Spain officers were caught transporting guns and marijuana in a police vehicle in Cedros.

During a search of the marked police vehicle in Oropouche, officers found three unlicensed firearms, a quantity of ammunition and several crocus bags filled with compressed marijuana, valued at $1.6 million. The two police officers were dtained along with a man from El Socorro.

Sources said the two officers left Port of Spain, telling seniors they were going out on inquiries. They drove to Cedros. At 5 pm, South-Western Division officers on mobile patrol, became suspicious when they spotted the Port-of-Spain police vehicle escorting another vehicle which contained men known to be from the underworld.

The officers called on the two police officers to pull their vehicle to the side of the road but instead the police vehicle sped off at high speed. The police officers who were giving chase, called for back-up and a roadblock was set up which eventually led to the Port-of-Spain officers being held.

As the illegal items were found in the police vehicle, the two officers were ordered to surrender their sidearms and police ID cards.

The two policemen were at the Oropouche police station being interrogated. 


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