2 brothers killed in Arima

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Police are investigating a report of a double homicide.

This time, the incident is said to have taken place along Hoyte Avenue, off Pinto Road, Arima.

According to initial reports, residents of the area heard several loud explosions at about 7:30 am on Thursday.

Upon investigating, they observed the bodies of two men lying on the roadway.

The men are said to be known as the Hoyte brothers, however, police were only given nicknames “Money” and “Balo”.

They are currently awaiting the arrival of relatives to confirm their identities.The bodies were removed to the Forensic Science Center, Federation Park, for autopsies on Friday.

No arrests were made.
The double murder came on the heels of the discovery of the bodies of two men in Diego Martin on Tuesday night.

The charred remains of a human being were found in the trunk of a burning car, while the second body was found in a nearby house. 

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