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Some 150 medical graduates are currently unemployed.

That matter is likely to reach the House of Representatives tomorrow.

Opposition Member of Parliament Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, a senior medical practitioner, is expected to raise the issue when the House meets.

Reports are that the graduates have completed their respective internships and are now available to be employed as house doctors.

Some of the new doctors are scholarship winners, and are contracted to provide services to the State upon graduation.

The employment of the doctors is being raised in the context of the continued closure of the $1.5 billion Couva Children’s Hospital.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has stated that a prime reason for the hospital not being put to use is the lack of medical personnel.

Deyalsingh last weekend stated that the Government is exploring a public-private partnership agreement for the new medical facility.

The minister told Parliament previously that recruiting medical staff for the hospital could have left the rest of the sector devoid of sufficient personnel.

But he has stressed that his Government is committed to putting the hospital to use.

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