12 murders in last 72 hours

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The murder rate is galloping at ferocious speed and the regularity of the killings is testing the manpower strength of the Police Homicide Bureau.

Over the last 72 hours, 12 persons have been murdered, and only two persons have been detained for one of the killings.

The latest murders occurred on Monday. In the first incident, residents discovered the body of a man in some bushes and down a precipice at Samaroo Village, Arima.

Officers of the Arima CID and Region II Homicide Division responded.

In the second incident, Ramesh Manna was killed during a robbery at Arena Road, Freeport, on Monday afternoon.

The following are the murders in the last 72 hours.

– Lall Dwarika, beaten to death in Curepe on Friday.

– An unidentified man found in Santa Cruz on Friday.

– The body of Anil Sankar found dead outside a latrine near his home at Pranz
Gardens, Claxton Bay, on Saturday.

– Troy James, Sankar’s friend and neighbor shot dead outside his wake on

– Businessman Daniel Pacheco during a robbery in Mayaro on Saturday.

– Kerol Austin shot dead while liming in a Cumaca on Saturday.

– Jelani Gadhar shot and killed during home robbery in Valencia on Saturday.

– Unidentified man was beaten to death at Curepe Junction on Saturday night.

– Mervyn Alexis shot multiple times in Enterprise –on Sunday

– In Tobago, the island recorded it’s fourth murder of the year on Sunday with the
killing of a taxi driver, Gilbert Thomas, of Sou Sou Lands.

– Unidentified man found in Arima on Monday

– Ramesh Manna at Arena Road, Freeport, on Monday.


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