11 boys escape from St Michael’s Home …TWO RECAPTURED

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Two of the 11 boys who escaped from the St Michael’s Home in Diego Martin on Tuesday, have been recaptured.

They were found loitering in Cantaro, Santa Cruz, on Thursday afternoon. The other nine are still at large.

According to reports, at around 4 pm on Tuesday, officials at the home reported the boys missing as none of them could be found in their rooms.

Officers of the Western Division responded to the reports and carried out an intense search of the area and visited the last recorded homes of the boys.

The boys who are in their late teens were placed at the home for a variety of offenses, including robbery with one of the escapees being brought to the home for his involvement in the robbery and murder of former soldier Calvert Dexter James earlier this year.

The boys regarded as troubled and delinquent, are believed to have escaped using a large ravine behind the home, from which they could have accessed a number of different streets within the Diego Martin area.

Residents of the area are living in fear as boys have terrorised them in the past, as several homes have been broken into and vandalised. Despite calls for greater security measures at the home, nothing has been done to ensure the safety of residents.

Residents say there is a strange rule at St Michael’s as the security cannot physically prevent the boys from leaving the compound. “How come you send a youth man who is involved in a murder and you don’t have him locked up?” one resident added.

He stated, “here is a man involved in a murder during the Carnival, along with his accomplices, and he is held and placed at St Michael’s and he is allowed to roam and leave the compound without sanctions. Nah man, this can only happen in sweet Trinidad.”

Residents reported that the boys leave the Home, commit crimes on the outside and quietly return to the compound, leaving the police to search for the suspects elsewhere.

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