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10 Things Martin Daly Should Write about

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Martin Daly, the well-to-do self-styled crusader for morality in public places, is upset that ketch-hell media people have been able to buy public housing.Daly devoted an entire Sunday column to grouse about working class journalists securing a shelter over their heads. There are a number of worthy and raging national issues to which Daly could turn his moralising attention.

Here are 10:

  • The dreadful decision of Attorney General Faris Al Rawi to withdraw a legal suit against Malcolm Jones in the $2 billion World Gas-To-Liquids (WGTL) scandal;
  • The threat to citizens’ fundamental rights in the onerous amendments to the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) Bill;
  • The uprising of the labour movement against the Rowley Government;
  • Trinidad and Tobago becoming one of the most homicidal places on earth, despite PNM manifesto promises;
  • The steep sudden rise in the cost of living;
  • The historic low level of police detection in serious crimes;
  • The silence of certain senior attorneys on irregularities of the Rowley regime, in fearing of not getting lucrative legal briefs;
  • The planned appointment of an attorney working in the law chambers of a close relative of Prime Minister Rowley to an independent national institution;
  • PM Rowley’s attack on the Integrity Commission and other independent bodies;
  • The growing arrogance of PM Rowley and Finance Minister Colm Imbert.


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