10 things traffic cops must now do

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Now that police officers are outfitted with speed guns, there are other measures that should be introduced to make the roads safer and the traffic flow smoother.

Here are 10:

· Enforce the law on cellphone use and texting while driving;

· Charge motorists who tail-gate.

· Charge offenders who ignore the instruction to “keep left except when overtaking.”

· Speed up “macco traffic”, that is motorists who cause pile-ups by slowing down to look at auto accidents.

· Charge motorists who overtake on the shoulder lane.

· Work to have accident vehicles taken off the scene as quickly as possible.

· Put the breathalyser to greater use throughout the week and across the entire country.

· Penalise truck drivers with unsecured loads.

· Launch an education campaign to encourage motorists to use indicator lights when changing lanes.

· Enforce the regulations on the times of the day when vehicle lights should be on.

There are, of course, other measures the authorities can enforce.

Feel free to add your recommendations.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen

    ~ charge pedestrians for J-walking (crossing on a traffic light; crossing UNDER a walkover)
    ~ charge drivers for broken tail/headlights and non-working indicators
    ~ charge maxis and taxis for stopping at non-designated maxi/taxi stands (I.e. Just at the side of the road wherever and whenever)
    ~ DON’T charge people for just 5km over the speed limit – it may cause more accidents having to monitor 5km!! Practice and use a little discretion
    Make different lanes different limits…two lane highways 80km and 110km respectively. Three lane highways 80, 100, 120 because how are people supposed to overtake if we all driving the same limit!
    …just to list a few.

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